Destin Double-Decker Pontoon Boat Rentals

Nonstop Fun With Pontoon Boat Rentals in Destin

Destin is the place to be for family fun! Whether you're on vacation or simply enjoying the beach with friends, your celebrations wouldn't be complete without a double-decker pontoon boat rental from Double Fun Pontoons.


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Explore Crab Island and the Choctawhatchee Bay

With our double-decker pontoon boat rentals, you'll have free rein to explore Destin Harbor, Crab Island, Choctawhatchee Bay, and Santa Rosa Sound. You can book half-day or full-day rentals, with each boat holding 14 people.

It's the perfect way to go boating, explore the waters, and get waterslide thrills at the same time.

You can even book our pontoon boats for club and social events. What better way to get to know people than by relaxing on the water, enjoying the chance to let loose and bringing out your inner kid.

Boat rentals are also ideal for youth club outings or even as a fun culmination to fundraising or community outreach.

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Snorkel, Fish, Slide, and Relax!

When you're out on the water, you'll likely see plenty of other happy folks out on their own adventures. This is your opportunity to explore the waters of Destin, so reserve your boat rental soon before the pontoons are all booked up.

You can enjoy snorkeling around the boat, fishing off the side, sliding down the two waterslides, or simply relaxing on the decks. The fun never stops on the water!

And while there are other things to do in Destin, why not see Destin from a new perspective! This is your chance to tour around the Choctawhatchee bay with your best friends and extended family.

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Discover Crab Island from a Local's Point of View!

Crab Island is a favorite destination spot for anyone visiting Destin. But do you really know the best way to enjoy Crab Island with your family?

Download your personal copy of the FREE guide: “The Mother’s Ultimate Guide to Crab Island” to help navigate Crab Island from an experienced Mother’s viewpoint! From “what to pack" for the day on the water, to understanding the tides, the best areas to anchor, and great things to do, this free guide gives you the inside scoop on the best way to enjoy Crab Island.

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